Knowledge is power. Nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’ but it doesn’t hurt to know what you are talking about especially when it comes to your health. If your friend or loved one is losing their hearing then go ahead and impress them with your general knowledge about hearing and hearing aids. Here are some fun facts that might just persuade them to go and get their hearing checked and make their hearing and quality of life even better. Five fun facts;

1.The use of ear trumpets for people with hearing loss dates back to the 17th century!

By the late 18th century, their use was becoming increasingly common. The first electronic hearing aids were constructed after the invention of the telephone in the 1870s. Telephones were able to control the loudness, frequency, and distortion of sound and this was used to create the hearing aids we know, and love, today.

2. You continue to hear whilst you are sleeping but your brain chooses to ignore sound!

Hearing aids are not normally meant to be worn while you sleep but using your hearing aids during the daytime to improve your quality of hearing, and life, will also improve your sleep.

3. Your middle ear is about the size of an M&M!

A middle ear implant is a more recent solution to hearing loss. A hearing implant is an alternative to conventional hearing aids that may be useful if you, or your loved one, suffer from ear mold allergies, skin problems in your ears, outer ear infections or malformed ears.

4. Earwax has been used by anthropologists to study mankind’s early migratory patterns!

Hearing aids can stimulate cerumen production in your ears whilst simultaneously blocking  earwax migration out of your aural canals. This can lead to a number of issues, including blockages and damage to your hearing aids. If earwax is not removed it will build up in your ears. Your hearing loss may just be earwax blockage but get this checked by a professional audiologist at Clarisound.

5. Hearing aids help you keep fit!

Some cutting-edge hearing aids not only offer great sound, speech clarity in noise, and audio streaming from your smartphone but also track your brain and body’s current health status using AI. With currently available, advanced models of hearing aids you can now control programmes, settings, and streaming whilst you work out. Some hearing Apps can even record your health data and provide you with wellness scores helping you achieve your fitness goals.

The more you, and your loved ones, know about hearing care, the better decisions you can make about starting to wear hearing aids.