Hearing Aids With AI

AI is changing the world, it is also changing the way we hear the world. AI started from an attempt to see if a computer could convince a human that they were speaking with another human, and not a computer. Machine scientists then created computers that could mimic human cognitive processes. Nowadays AI is an important and powerful tool that is becoming better understood by most people, especially when it takes your job away. Our neural networks, now mimicked by AI for many jobs, have inspired Signia to create the Signia Assistant, the world’s first neural network for hearing aids.

AI For Hearing Aids

Now with AI for hearing aids, you can adjust one hearing aid, and automatically the other side follows the adjustment. AI uses sound classifiers to make changes to features in your hearing aids and improve your hearing in specific environments. A hearing aid’s ability to adjust to your surroundings and what’s happening in the sound environment around you is less effective if your hearing aid only captures a limited amount of information.

Hearing Assistance

Whoever you have worked for, or with, it’s always good to have a highly intelligent assistant. A good assistant provides you with the information you need to help you understand what matters, and get your job done better. The new Signia Assistant is your very own intelligent hearing assistant designed to help you get the most out of life by hearing what matters to you.

The new Signia Assistant gives you;

  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences.
  • Answers to questions about how to use your hearing aids.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Confidence and control over your hearing.

All you need to get started with the Signia Assistant is your Bluetooth-enabled Signia Xperience hearing aids and to download the Signia App on your smartphone.

Easy App For Hearing Better

The Signia App is easy to use. Open your Signia Assistant App and choose from a list of options for your hearing needs. Answer a few questions and your Signia Assistant will suggest instant hearing improvements for you. Sounds interesting? You can save the new settings, revert, or keep improving them. Your Signia Assistant uses machine learning algorithms to continuously develop new skills to better support your hearing. Customer feedback has overwhelmingly found that the Signia Assistant boosts their confidence when wearing hearing aids

Find out more about the new Signia Xperience hearing aids from one of our professional audiology consultants at Clarisound. You will find that all the information you need for better hearing and a better quality of life is always available for you on your smartphone.