Your 50th birthday is a milestone in your life. It is also a good opportunity to get your hearing checked. Many people look at 50 as a significant birthday because you can take stock of your life and count your blessings. Having good hearing is one of these blessings. People around 50 years old often begin to experience deterioration in their hearing.

If you parent or spouse has been experiencing hearing problems recently why not give them a hearing check as a birthday present? It’s free, easy and fast. It might just be the best birthday present they ever had. Once their hearing has been professionally checked by a consultant or audiologist at Clarisound, buy them hearing aids as a Birthday present its happened many times before. Clarisound offers a range of attractive hearing aids to help restore your quality of life. If your loved one has been experiencing hearing problems you don’t have to wait until their birthday to gently suggest that they get their hearing checked.

Healthy hearing, healthy life

Hearing loss is not just associated with getting older. It can also be health related.

A recent study by the American Diabetes Foundation found that hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes. The study found, “It is still not clear how diabetes is related to hearing loss. It is possible that high blood glucose levels cause damage to small blood vessels in the inner ear.” If your loved one is diabetic or even pre-diabetic, suggest to them they get their hearing checked.

Around 2.5 million adults aged 18 and above in Malaysia have diabetes ranking Malaysia with the highest rate of diabetes in Asia. In Singapore there are over 400,000 people living with the disease, the Singapore Ministry of Health believes that about a third of diabetics don’t know they are ill. If your loved one is experiencing hearing loss this may be a good opportunity to remedy this and any other ailments.


Hearing aids are good for your well-being, they are also good for your health in general. Everyone would like to enjoy the good life. As you get older your priorities change and enjoying life to the fullest should be high on your list of priorities. Spending less time working and more time on hobbies, exercise and leisure with family and friends leads to a better life. Having good hearing plays a key role in enjoying life to the fullest. Get healthy, get your hearing checked by professionals.