Lots of people like the sound of a BBQ. There is something about having a BBQ that sounds like fun; sizzling meat, good friends and a few drinks. If you are still concerned about going out to crowded places why not get around this by having a BBQ for you, your family and friends? Good idea, but if you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then you may miss out on the best parts of a great evening.

BBQ Sounds Inviting

Organising your BBQ party should involve a bit of planning. Who to invite, getting a good mix of people who get on well first, then what to BBQ and where to buy the food and drinks. You can do most things on Whatsapp but if you are losing your hearing then this may just be the first challenge you need to overcome. It’s much better to pick up the phone and run through your invitation with your guests. Maybe they are vegetarian or vegan, have allergies to certain foods, or maybe they are just picky. Planning this out then getting your meat and vegetables involves listening to other people and figuring out what will work. If you are losing your hearing then this may add to your stress.

Multi-Sensory Eating

The sound of a BBQ may only involve a little crackle of coal but then there are the sizzling steaks, or other meats. that you will put on the BBQ that you can feast your ears on before you serve. Oh, and don’t forget to keep the music playing whilst you are BBQing. Multi-sensory eating aims to create the best experience at your lunch or dinner table. Tickling all your five senses; sound, sight, touch, smell and feel, combining the overall eating experience to maximise joy and happiness through good food mixed with good company. If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then you will be missing out on one or more of the delights of multi-sensory eating when you BBQ. This doesn’t need to happen if you start wearing a hearing aid.

Getting your friends together for a BBQ at the weekend is a good way to maintain your lifestyle, and follow SOPs, without taking the risks of going out to crowded places. If you are losing your hearing then wearing hearing aids will make organising and enjoying your BBQ party a whole lot easier, it will also allow you to enjoy your tasty BBQ bites to the fullest.