Bill Bryson On Hearing

Known to some, loved by many, Bill Bryson is a popular author who writes entertaining books on almost everything. His most recent book, ‘The Body: A Guide for Occupants’ is a jolly run through all aspects of our anatomy, including our ears. Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories, if you are not yet a Bill Bryson fan why not get started. If you, or your loved one, are losing your hearing then reading up on hearing can be informative and fun. It may even inspire you to get your hearing checked!

Bill Bryson returns with The Body: A Guide for Occupants
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Hearing Is A Seriously Underrated Miracle

According to Bryson, hearing is a seriously underrated miracle. Comparing an expensive set of headphones to the auditory experience your ears give you for free is just one reason that you and your loved ones should take care of your hearing.

Our Ears Are Built For A Quiet World

When Bryson describes the use of plastic buds inserted in our ears to play music at 100 decibels he tells us that stereocilia, in our inner ear are the mechanosensing organelles of hair cells, which respond to fluid motion in numerous types of animals for various functions, including hearing and balance. Stereocilia wear out in humans but grow back perfectly well in birds!


Measuring your hearing started, in the 1920s, with decibels. Did you know that the decibel is logarithmic? This means that the sum of two 10 decibel sounds isn’t 20 decibels, but 13 decibels. Volume doubles about every 6 decibels which means that a 96 decibel sound is double a 90 decibel sound!

Keeping You Balanced

Our ears keep us balanced thanks to a collection of semi-circular ducts and two tiny associated sacs called otolith organs. Combined together they are known as the vestibular system. This system’s function in our bodies is similar to what a gyroscope does on an aeroplane!

The fun filled facts go on and on. Then there are smells, sight, touch and taste to learn up about. Whether you decide to indulge or have time to read about your hearing or not, if you or your loved ones are losing your hearing then fitting and wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing and improve your quality of life. You can even listen to the audiobook of Bill Bryson by streaming it directly into your new hearing aid.

Whether you know a lot or a little about your ears and how important it is to care for them to enjoy your life to the fullest, drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing check by one of our friendly, professional audiologists.