Don’t Lose Your Hearing Aid

Most of us have had days when everything goes wrong. If you haven’t then you’re lucky. This and that can break or stop working, people don’t turn up or cancel and the list goes on. With so much uncertainty in the world, stress levels are rising and if you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then, when something goes wrong, it can go badly wrong. Finding solutions isn’t difficult. Often the best remedy for a bad day is to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing, except rest. Then you can turn on some music, or your favourite Netflix show, and relax. To enjoy these activities to the fullest you will need good hearing.

Caring For Your Hearing Aid

Finding and fitting a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing and your quality of life. You can then recuperate from a bad day and get ready to carry on with the daily grind or, even better, indulge yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. If you venture out from home, even just for your grocery shopping, then you must wear a facemask. Following SOPs is essential and responsible to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are wearing a hearing aid then wearing a facemask may be challenging. One hearing care expert shared her experience, “We get four to five calls a week from people who need to replace their hearing aid. They take their facemask off their ear, the hearing aid gets tangled and usually goes flying,” said the audiologist, adding, “They don’t realise it for several hours.” This can be expensive as losing a hearing aid, or any valuable, means that you have to replace it to maintain your quality of life.

Secure Your Hearing

Any good professional audiologist will tell you that wearing a suitable hearing aid is a good hearing care solution. But what if you lose your hearing aid by accident? Hearing care solutions come in all shapes and sizes including hi-tech and long lasting batteries, then there are facemasks that allow the wearer to show their lips for lip reading. Combining your hearing aid and facemask comfortably and securely is just another hearing care solution. It stops you from losing your hearing aid accidentally. ‘Mask mates’ are small bands with buttons sewn on the ends. The wearer attaches the elastic to the buttons and the mask mate goes behind your head instead of around your ears. This is a good hearing care solution that will help prevent you, and your loved ones, from having to spend time and money going back to your audiologist to replace a lost hearing aid. You can even find mask mates in lots of different colours.

If you wear a hearing aid then, for the foreseeable future, you will find a time when you have to wear your hearing aid with your facemask. Don’t get your life in even more of a tangle than you need to. Drop in to Clarisound, or make an online booking, for a free hearing check and a chat with one of our professional audiology consultants.