Buying Hearing Aids Online – Please Exercise Extreme Caution

Shopping online today is the new norm. You probably buy a lot of what you consume online through your mobile phone so, if you are losing your hearing, should you buy hearing aids online? The answer is probably ‘No’. Unlike many other products, the perceived benefits of saving time and money by buying a hearing aid online can lead to serious issues later on. If you are losing your hearing and are browsing the web for a hearing aid you may be dazzled by the selection available and low prices. There is an old Chinese proverb, “to guess is cheap, to guess wrong is expensive.” Whatever you buy online your purchase decision is based on the, often limited, information that you read on the web. When you, or your loved one, start losing your hearing you may turn to the internet first to browse hearing aids but please exercise extreme caution before making your purchasing decision. Here are some reasons why.

Hearing aids are highly personal

A hearing aid is as intimate and precise as a tailor made suit or an evening dress, and needs to be carefully constructed to fit the user’s ear. When you’re making such an important investment, it’s worth the time to make the trip to a professional hearing care consultant like Clarisound.

Hearing aid websites are not equipped to understand your condition

The state of your hearing needs to be assessed by a hearing care professional before your hearing aid can be made. At Clarisound you will undergo audiological tests to determine the current state of your hearing, and what solutions are suitable. These tests cannot be done online.

Hearing aids require maintenance and check ups

As with any medical solution, check-ups are needed in order to make sure your hearing aid is working as expected. It may be that you buy a hearing aid online, and find that it works for the first month or two. But when it starts buzzing, or things start to sound muffled, you will have no audiology professional to turn to for advice.

In the end it may cost you even more

If you buy a poor quality hearing aid online, eventually you will need to visit a professional hearing care specialist. They may suggest a completely different solution and you will end up throwing away the hearing aid that you already spent money on. Its easier for people online to tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth – they don’t have to look you in the eye.

Shopping online may be cheaper and more convenient for groceries and other daily goods but take a little time and care if you are thinking about buying a hearing aid online. Drop in to Clarisound for some professional hearing care advice.