Jason Lee was excited preparing for Chinese New Year. He was dreaming about the family gathering, the crispy roast pork, the fire crackers and some time off work. He was busy preparing at home when the doorbell rang. It was his sister, Lisa, and her family. Jason opened the front door to see his sister and her husband standing in the doorway looking furiously angry. Jason’s cute nephews and nieces stood around them beaming with grinning faces. “Please come in,” said Jason. Lisa and her husband trooped into Justin’s living room and sat down whilst the kids started to run around.

“What’s the matter?” asked Jason curiously as he looked at his unhappy sibling. “Well we’ve been waiting for 20 minutes outside,” said Lisa. “Why didn’t you ring the doorbell then?” asked Jason. “We did, several times,” said Lisa, “but you never answered.”

Jason stood puzzled. He had only heard the doorbell ring once, and then again quite faintly. Justin sat down and started to think. “Well why didn’t you call me on my handphone then?” asked Jason. “I did,” replied Lisa. “But I never heard my handphone ringing,” said Jason. “Well go and check your handphone right now,” said Lisa, “I bet you have got a half a dozen missed calls. Go on, go and check.” Lisa’s husband sat in silence on the couch. “What’s up Joey?” asked Jason. Joey remained seated in silence. Jason walked over to pick up his hand phone. Sure enough there were missed calls on his hand phone, from Lisa. “Hey Lisa, I am so sorry,” said Jason. “I have been having problems with my hearing for the last month or so.”

Lisa sat still, “Well why didn’t you tell me, I could have helped you get some good professional hearing care that will mean that you can hear me when I call you every time and then we won’t have to stand outside your house for 20 minutes waiting for you to answer the doorbell.”

Jason felt sheepish. He knew that something was going wrong with his hearing but he thought getting his hearing checked would be expensive. He was saving his money up for Chinese New Year and had been too shy to ask Lisa for help in case Joey got angry or some other reason.

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