With plenty of time on your hands, you and your loved ones may think that you have run out of things to do. You can still keep yourselves busy as there are usually a few things that you have forgotten to do, or just avoided, or didn’t realise that they needed to be done. If you, or your loved one, are wearing a hearing aid then you should get your hearing aid checked by a good, professional audiologist, like Clarisound, every six months or so. Clarisound’s stores are open and our friendly, professional team of audiologists are available to help you, and your loved ones, to clean, adjust, and check your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Maintenance

Standard international best practice for maintaining your hearing aids includes wiping the hearing aids off every night before you put them in their case. You should also check your hearing aids yourself and clean them every 10 days to ensure that the components are being kept as clean as possible. This will help your hearing aid to function properly for the longest time possible, just like most other gadgets. A bi-annual visit to a good, professional audiologist, like Clarisound, also allows them to replace and clean any replaceable parts. One of our friendly, professional audiologists, at Clarisound, will also listen to your hearing aid to detect any deviations, such as weak output or background static noise, that may be present in your hearing aid. If your hearing aid is acting up, faulty, or even physically broken it may need to be sent away to be repaired by the manufacturer. It could also just be that the hearing aid programming you are using may need to be adjusted.

Hearing Solutions Any Time

Good hearing will allow you and your loved ones to get on with leading a good life, no matter what the circumstances. We all know that accidents can happen and with risks of things going wrong escalating during the pandemic, don’t hesitate to drop into Clarisound as soon as you have any difficulty hearing. Any slight doubts about your hearing aid and its functioning mean you should have your hearing aids checked by a professional audiologist. If your hearing aid has stopped working, or it has suddenly been damaged then don’t hesitate to visit Clarisound for immediate help. If you are having difficulty with a new hearing aid then one of our friendly, professional audiologists can help you to adjust your hearing aids anytime. Finding a hearing solution may be very simple.

If you, or your loved ones, are not hearing well then you may think about upgrading your existing hearing aid. Your hearing also needs to be re-tested every two or three years. Whatever hearing solution you, and your loved ones, need then with time on your hands it’s good to get your hearing aid checked by a professional audiologist at Clarisound.