Laughter is part of a good life. If you can’t hear a joke, or share a joke, properly then you will be missing out on some of the good things in life. Having a sense of humour may be important in many situations; it’s a good ice-breaker on first encounters, it can be used to flatter someone, it can be used to empathise and bond with loved ones, friends and colleagues. Laughter can also be used to impress other people. Whatever the effect, the sound of laughter should bring joy and happiness to your life. So improving your hearing by wearing a hearing aid will help you to have a laugh, or to have more laughs, and improve your quality of life.


A healthy sense of humour

Even if you are not interested in watching comedies on TV, or at the movies, the stress-reducing effect of hearing laughter has been proven medical studies. In one recent study ninety healthy students were randomly assigned to a ‘laughter’ or a ‘rest’ group. The laughter group listened to a specially prepared CD for five minutes, while the rest group did nothing for five minutes. Then the participants’ stress level was assessed visually and their physiological status was assessed by measuring blood pressure and monitoring heart rate variability.  An analysis of the results using scientific testing showed that hearing laughter caused the heart rate variability to significantly increase compared to that recorded during the test and the rest period. These results suggest that hearing laughter produces a relaxing effect by increasing nervous activity. This means that it is a good way to improve the recovery process of your nervous system if you are overloaded with stress. So having a laugh is good for your health. So is wearing a hearing aid if you are suffering from hearing loss.

Romantic hearing aids

Sex, love and romance are important ingredients in a good life. My father once warned me, “Son, never marry a woman who doesn’t have a sense of humour.” So if you are losing your hearing and you are thinking about getting married, for the first or second (or even third) time, get your hearing checked. Having a laugh with your future spouse before you tie the knot will be easier with your new hearing aid. It may even prevent your marriage ending in tears too!

If you think hearing aids are expensive you may laugh at the price but the value will allow you to laugh even more. Whether or not you are losing your hearing go and have a laugh and go and have your hearing checked too.