Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has been around for a while and most of us know it’s good for helping us to manage our emotions better. If you, or a loved one, have ever been irritated by loud noises; like people talking on their handphone, or in a public place, where the sound carries very far then you may wonder why they are not more sensitive to the sound pollution they are causing. Perhaps they are losing their hearing and just didn’t get their hearing checked yet, or maybe they just need to improve their EQ and be more sensitive to other people. If you, or your loved one, are losing your hearing then it’s a good idea to get your hearing checked by a good, professional audiologist.

Benefits of hearing aids

The primary purpose of wearing a hearing aid is to help you to hear sound better. This end result has many other benefits ranging from better communication to increased well-being. It can also help you improve and manage your EQ better. You may just be the noisy person talking on your handphone, or in a public place, where the sound of your voice carries very far and irritates other people. You may also not be aware of this as people are often too polite to tell you. Clarisound offers a free, online hearing check for anyone who may be losing their hearing and wants a professional to help them check. If you, or your loved one, find that you need to start wearing a hearing aid then one of our friendly, professional audiologists can help you to choose and fit a suitable hearing aid that will restore your hearing and your quality of life.


First-time hearing aid users

For the first-time hearing aid user, there are often a few common issues that everyone faces. One of these is adjusting to the sound and volume of your own voice as heard through the new hearing aid. Learning how to adjust the volume of your voice in different situations can be tricky, just remember the people who talk too loudly on their handphone, or in a public place. When your hearing aid is switched on and you speak for the first time, your own voice may sound strange to you. If this happens, talk to one of our friendly, professional audiologists at Clarisound and explain how your voice sounds. Our audiologists are trained to be able to make some immediate adjustments to make your voice sound more natural.


Practicing good hearing

Hearing aids pick up and amplify a large range of sounds which, as a first-time user, you may suddenly become aware of. So it’s common for new users to complain that everything is too loud. A good way to get used to this is to ask a loved one, or close friend, to help you work on your volume control. Remember you don’t want to be that annoying person who is talking too loudly. You could even try videoing your conversation then playing it back and practicing until you get used to it.


Whatever you do to get the most out of your new hearing aid, fitting and wearing a suitable hearing aid will help you to hear better so you can be more sensitive when you are talking to other people.