Everything changes, everything is interconnected. If you don’t pay attention to what is going on in the world then you may be missing out, or you may find yourself unnecessarily at risk to unforeseen events.  Changing back from lockdown to going out and about, a bit more, you and your loved ones will be facing familiar sounds again. Becoming more aware of everything that surrounds you, including the sounds, is important for mental health and happiness. If you, and your loved ones, are losing your hearing then you may be missing out on some, or many, of the good changes happening in the world around you. You may also be more at risk of negative experiences. All of these can be helped when you fit, and wear, a suitable hearing aid that restores your hearing and your quality of life.


Change management

Changing anything properly requires managing a process over time. If you don’t manage change you’re less likely to get the results you want, or need. What causes most people to start wearing hearing aids is the acceptance of their own hearing loss. Quite often, you or your loved ones won’t realize that you are suffering from some kind of hearing loss. You may even think that it is someone else who is suffering from hearing loss as you struggle to maintain a conversation, especially in a noisy cafe or restaurant.

Change your life

With many people facing slight, but most welcome, changes to self-isolation and movement control, the urge to go out and about, if you have been double vaccinated, is strong. After a considerable period of time at home, with your family, Netflix, and other sources of company and comfort, your mind, and body, have also been reconditioned to hearing similar, familiar sounds all day, every day. Now your circumstances have changed, no matter however little, you are facing new sounds, and volumes every day. Readjusting to previous routines, places, experiences, and relationships requires a bit of time, sometimes. If you, or your loved ones, find that you are hearing things differently then it is a good idea to get your hearing checked. Clarisound offers a free online hearing check. If you, or your loved ones, find that you are suffering from hearing loss the next step is to book an appointment with one of our friendly, professional audiologists at Clarisound and, if needed, start wearing a suitable hearing aid.


Change your hearing aid batteries

If you are already wearing a hearing aid then, if your hearing aid requires batteries, you may find that you need to replace them every now and then. During lockdown Clarisound’s outlets have remained open and we have been offering a delivery service for batteries to our existing customers. Clarisound provides all our customers with international best practice after sales services, including delivery of batteries, so that you, and your loved ones, can keep listening to your favorite shows without disruption.

Change your hearing aid

If your hearing aid has been lost, or broken, then this should also provide you with a motivation to change your hearing aid. If you just love change and are interested in upgrading your existing hearing aid to a new model with different features then our friendly, professional audiologists at Clarisound will be only too happy to show you some of the latest hearing aids available, their functions and the apps you can use to adjust them, so that they provide you with the ultimate hearing experience.


Change is everywhere and everything changes so whether you, or your loved ones, are ready for a change or not don’t hesitate to contact us at Clarisound for a free hearing check and consultation that can change your hearing and life for the better.