Lots of us have relatives who live, work or study overseas. We keep in touch with them through Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp and other online media. If you can’t live a week, or even a day, without talking to your mum, dad, daughter, son or other loved one overseas then you may be using social media for more than just fun. If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then regular communication is going to get harder and less enjoyable. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing and improve your quality of communications with your loved ones overseas.

From Malaysia With Love

If you are based in Malaysia and want to chat regularly with your daughter in Melbourne then you are going to have to navigate their work schedule and time zone. Finding convenient days and time of the day can become awkward, depending on different schedules. If you want to chat with your grandchildren then timing can be even more important. Missing a good chat can let frustrations and loneliness build up and being able to communicate requires good hearing. If you have a son in London who is busy during the week and can only chat at the weekend then your time slots are even more limited. Then there are emergencies. People have accidents and may need to contact you in a hurry, or let you know about a bereavement or another important event. If you don’t hear your handphone ringing then this can be frustrating or even dangerous for whoever is trying to call you.

To Malaysia With Love

If you live or work outside of Malaysia and have an elderly relative or loved one who is living in Malaysia then checking in with them regularly is a good way to show them that you care. If they are losing their hearing, and your good chats are sometimes difficult or stressful for you, then why not suggest that they get a free hearing check. It will be good for both of you. Initial resistance to wearing a hearing aid is common amongst many people, but if you don’t try suggesting a hearing care solution your loved one is even less likely to get their hearing checked. Another way to get your loved one to restore their hearing is to ask your other relatives or friends in Malaysia to arrange a free hearing check for them at a good audiologist, like Clarisound. Clarisound has a team of friendly, professional audiologists who can check your loved one’s hearing and suggest a suitable hearing aid. There are a wide range of affordable hearing aids currently available on the market. If you are feeling generous and compassionate then, once your loved one has chosen a suitable hearing aid, you could even offer to pay for the hearing aid for your loved one.


Helping your loved ones in Malaysia and overseas to start wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore their hearing and improve their quality of life. It will also improve the quality of your regular conversations, and don’t forget to remind them how good they sound the next time you speak!