Hearing Aids And Your Covid Vaccination

Millions of people in Malaysia, and around the world, are eagerly waiting to get their Covid vaccinations. If you, or your loved ones, are preparing to receive a vaccine for the first, or second time, you may be heading to your local hospital or another vaccination centre. This can be a nerve wracking experience with so many unknowns to deal with. If you are elderly, infirm or are losing your hearing then, there may be challenges that need to be considered. Wearing a suitable hearing aid can help, a lot.

Hearing Aids Help

Finding and booking a Covid vaccination appointment may require a phone call then, on your day of vaccination, travel to a vaccination site. Vaccinators and a team of volunteer support staff, will be wearing face masks for health and safety. If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing and you rely on lipreading to hear and understand what is being said about the process then mistakes and frustration can happen. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will prepare you, and your loved ones, to get through the vaccination process smoothly and safely.

Preparing For Your Vaccination

Here are some steps you can take before attending your Covid vaccination appointment;

  • Contact your doctor in advance. Make them aware that you, or your loved one, are hard of hearing and maybe need an interpreter too. Find out what support can be made available to you or your loved one.
  • Double check how to get to your place of vaccination. If you are losing your hearing then go with a friend or loved one to help with communication.
  • Take a notepad, or Boogie Board, and have it ready in case the doctor or another health care worker needs you to write down any important information.
  • Download a speech to text App. These can help to translate what is being said during your vaccination.

During Your Covid Vaccination

  1. Don’t worry – If you have missed what has been said, stay calm and ask the volunteer support staff or vaccinator to slow down and repeat what they have said, or write it down.
  2. Stay calm – If you become anxious you may find it harder to follow what is being said.
  3. Be open and flexible – Before you start your appointment, let the vaccinator and volunteer staff know that you have hearing loss or that you lip read. Show them your notepad.
  4. Ask for help – If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and communication is breaking down, don’t be afraid to ask one of the volunteers or staff on site for help.

If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then it’s a good idea to get your hearing checked and find and fit a suitable hearing aid before you go for your Covid vaccination. Drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing test and consultation with one of our friendly, professional audiologists.