When you suffer from hearing loss and are thinking about getting a hearing aid you may wonder how big a suitable hearing aid will be. Don’t worry, there are many sizes, and shapes, of hearing aids currently available, and new models coming all the time. Some hearing aids are quite large, others are almost invisible. Finding the right hearing aid for you involves fitting a hearing aid that improves the quality of sound you are hearing and also feels comfortable for you to wear, and keep wearing. If you are concerned about how big the right hearing aid for you will be, just drop in to Clarisound and ask one of our professional audiology consultants for advice.

Big can be beautiful

There have been, and continue to be, significant advances in hearing aids and hearing aid technology. Traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids that you may already be familiar with are often the largest size of hearing aids available on the market. Usually the length of the case is 3-4 centimeters, in contrast the latest models can be as small as 2 centimeters. BTE may be a good way to start off your hearing care solution journey to better hearing and a better quality of life. When a professional audiology consultant at Clarisound recommends that you try fitting one, take a look and see what you think. If you are satisfied then give it a trial fitting. If you are not then ask to see the other suitable options currently available.

Small is beautiful too

Continual advances in hearing aid research has resulted in smaller, and lighter, hearing aids. You may prefer to wear a tiny, or even almost invisible, hearing aid. Completely in the Canal (CIC) are some of the smallest hearing aids available on the market. So if cosmetic acceptability is your overriding concern – we have you covered.

Whether size matters to you, or not, every different size of hearing aid will improve your hearing and your quality of life. Drop in to Clarisound for international best practice hearing care solutions.