Feeling frustrated isn’t fun, but creative people are often already used to it. Lack of creative outlets for artists, writers, musicians, and advertising executives are commonplace. If you are a frustrated creative, then you could even end up becoming destructive. If you, or your loved one, are losing your hearing then this can add to the frustrations of creative life, professionally and personally. Wearing a hearing aid will restore your hearing and quality of life but will it increase your creativity?

Hearing loss and creativity

Research published in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education found that, when examining the difference in performance of deaf from hearing students on verbal and figural measures of creativity, students’ creativity varies depending on domain. When given standard picture tests deaf students were as, or more, creative than hearing students, particularly for fluency and originality. However, deaf students showed significantly less creativity (about half) on verbal tests compared to students with good hearing. Given that Beethoven lost his hearing but continued to compose wonderful music long before the first hearing aid was invented, because he knew how to write music his creativity wasn’t affected, but his musical style did change.


Revisit your creative side

If you, or your loved one, aren’t that busy at work then you have plenty of time to use on new activities or to rekindle past hobbies. If you are losing your hearing then you can check if it has affected your creativity compared to the last time that you picked up your guitar, paint brush or pen. Wearing a hearing aid will certainly help you to enjoy the sounds of music and, equally importantly, restoring your sense of sound will balance up your other senses and allow you, and your loved ones, to enjoy eating, nature, and any other pleasures with full sensory perception.

Brand yourself with hearing aids

If you are a creative, and are losing your hearing, then you can signal your talents to everyone you meet by wearing colourful hearing aids or other creative hearing aids. Wearing a hearing aid is often resisted by many people as they are shy or feel that a hearing aid will negatively affect their personal image to family, friends, and colleagues. Positive hearing solutions don’t just stop at the quality of sound, or level of technology. Our friendly, professional audiologists at Clarisound are happy to advise you on a wide range of styles, shapes, colours and sizes of hearing aids that will enhance your personal image as well as restoring your hearing and quality of life.


Please contact one of our friendly, professional audiology consultants at Clarisound for a free hearing check and consultation. We won’t make you more creative, but we will restore your hearing and quality of life.