A Table For Two With Hearing Aids Please

Most of us are able to go out for coffee, lunch or dinner now. With new SOPs we can breathe a sigh of relief and get out of the house, for a short while. Lunch or dinner doesn’t have to be a takeaway although this may still be the safest option. But if you are tired of eating, drinking and watching Netflix at home all day, go and book a table with the one you love. If you or your loved one are losing your hearing then wearing hearing aids will help you enjoy your time out even more.

Hearing Aids In Restaurants

Your whole dining out experience can be made or broken by the sounds you hear. Multi-sensory dining is a popular trend in the UK, and rightly so. It’s not just the smell and flavours of delicious food that will tickle your senses but also the sights and sounds, not to mention the company. Start off your evening out by booking a table. You will need to be able to hear the server when you call up for a reservation. Then you will have to order whatever you fancy having and sometimes even ask the waiter to turn down the music in the restaurant. Then there is that noisy couple sitting at the table next to you talking on their handphones.

Eating And Hearing

It’s not just communication before and during your dinner out that can be affected by hearing loss. Your ability to taste and enjoy the food you order can be affected too. The crunchiness of the food that you eat may disappear with hearing loss. Then there is the conversation you are going to have with your loved one, dear friend or business associate. There are few things more annoying than not being able to follow a conversation. If you wear a hearing aid, or hearing aids, you won’t miss a thing. If you don’t then you may feel the frustration building up inside you and eventually this can spoil your whole evening out. Not what you want or need if you have been self isolating at home for a while.

Directional Microphones For Dining

Many models of hearing aids currently available on the market have directional microphone options. You can use this to make sure your dinner for two goes well. After you have been seated try flipping your hearing aids from an omnidirectional setting, which receives sound from all directions, to a directional setting that picks up sound coming from in front of you. Then get stuck in. Good food, good company and good conversation may be just what you are looking for to blow off the stresses of staying home and staying safe.

If you or your loved one are losing your hearing then, before you book your table for two, drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing test. Our experienced, professional audiologists can recommend affordable hearing aids to suit your needs. We may not recommend a good restaurant but we will recommend a good hearing aid.