Hearing aids and pregnancy

The pitter patter of little feet is universally known as the introduction to the announcement of pregnancy. The good news can stir joy, excitement, and jubilation and after the initial euphoria there is always the health aspects of the child, and mother, to consider. While you may be prepared for morning sickness, and other discomforts, you may not expect to have a hard time hearing, too. Your pregnancy and your child’s hearing are part of good health and a good life.

The sounds of little feet

Otosclerosis is a condition where the bones in your middle ear grow abnormally. Usually, these bones vibrate and stimulate tiny hairs in your cochlea, which send sound waves up your auditory nerve to your brain. If you have otosclerosis these bones become too big to move properly, and this can cause hearing loss. Usually, otosclerosis affects women aged 15 to 45. While pregnancy doesn’t cause otosclerosis, hormonal changes can exacerbate this condition, and women with otosclerosis might want to consider wearing hearing aids. Many people are going to congratulate you when they hear that you’re pregnant, it would be better if you can hear all of them.

Hormones and hearing

Hormonal changes can also affect your cardiovascular and endocrine systems. These changes can affect your circulation, which affects cochlear fluid, and can result in hearing loss. In rare cases, pregnant mothers can experience sudden sensorineural hearing loss, sudden deafness. In case of such a medical emergency mothers who experience it should seek medical attention from a doctor immediately.

Good hearing for babies

In the UK, between one and two babies in every 1,000 are born with permanent hearing loss in one, or both ears. This increases to about one in every 100 babies who have spent more than 48 hours in intensive care. Most of these babies are born into families with no history of permanent hearing loss. When your day of joy arrives, it’s a good idea to get your baby’s hearing checked as soon as possible and keep regularly checking your child’s hearing.

Whether you, or your loved one, are expecting a baby, have just had a baby or are living with a grown-up baby, good hearing is part of good health and a good life. Don’t hesitate to get your, and your child’s, hearing checked for free by one of our friendly, professional audiologists at Clarisound.