Hearing Aids And Your Partner

It’s not just you who is affected by your hearing loss. People with hearing loss sometimes forget that their hearing loss affects everyone around them. If you, your partner, or your loved one, have been experiencing hearing loss but haven’t yet been to get your hearing checked then you, or they, may notice some changes in behaviour.

Compensatory Behaviour

Often there are a lot of compensatory tasks taken on by your husband, wife, or ‘significant other’ who assume the role of translator when communicating with family members, healthcare providers, and many others. These are driven by your, or your loved one’s, unwillingness to get help for hearing loss. The most common ‘compensatory behaviours’ include;

Speaking Loudly – speaking louder doesn’t always solve a hearing problem. It raises stress levels in everyone, including people who are nearby. Wearing a hearing aid will help avoid this as a recurring situation.

Repetition – repeating once or even several times a message that has been missed when you are talking with your loved one is a common behaviour in early stages of hearing loss. This can lead to more negative emotions.

Social Isolation – If you or your loved ones try to help each other in vain then you, or they, may eventually give up, leading to isolation. You, or they, may stop attending social functions due to embarrassment or irritation.

Over Dependency – Everyone has limits and when untreated hearing loss reaches a tipping point then you may be helping your partner with tasks so much that they become overly dependent on you, or vice-versa.

The Sooner The Better Hearing

Sometimes it can take months, or even years, of suggesting and coaxing to convince your partner to get help for their hearing loss. Getting your hearing checked and wearing a hearing aid will improve your communication and quality of social interaction a lot. Lack of motivation or persistent nagging can reinforce resistance. If your partner is starting to drive you nuts about getting your hearing checked then breaking down barriers by shifting negative emotions to positive experiences is a good way to start.

If you are afraid of the cost of a hearing aid, or the way you think you are going to look if you start wearing a hearing aid, then start thinking about the benefits of restoring your hearing and the quality of your relationship with your partner when you go for a free hearing check. There are a wide range of suitable hearing aids available ranging from affordable to high-end prices in different sizes, colours and styles for you and your partner.

If you or your partner are suffering from hearing loss but are resisting or putting off your visit to an audiologist then both of you may be losing your hearing. You go shopping for necessities and luxuries so why don’t you bring your partner for a free check up at Clarisound’s Mid Valley outlet when you are out and about. We’ll give you and your partner free hearing tests by one of our professional audiologists. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your and your partner’s hearing and quality of life and the quality of your relationship.