Our father was losing his hearing. We could hear the volume on the television rise. It started to become irritating. Sometimes we had to repeat our meal time conversations with raised voices. Then one time I had to say to him, “There’s no need to shout at me!”. Our father was a successful businessman who had been physically active all his life. He was now in decline. We could recognise the warning signs, and they were increasing. Dad was unknowingly causing stress to the rest of his family and probably to some of his friends too.

For anyone, young or elderly, who is facing any disability for the first time, acceptance that something is wrong is the first step to finding solutions. This often takes time. It’s usually not easy. Tact and compassion from your family, friends and the other people helps a lot.

If you are facing a situation where a loved one is starting to lose their hearing start by having a casual conversation with them. One afternoon our mother mentioned how easy and affordable it is to get good quality hearing treatment. Mum suggested a visit to a hearing specialist like Clarisound. She had looked up some options on the web before. If Dad didn’t agree Mum was going to pass by Clarisound whilst she they were at MidValley shopping for something else.

At Clarisound, hearing care professionals are available to check the level of care you or your parent currently needs, and offer suitable solutions. Wearing a hearing aid may be a new experience that you are not particularly looking forward. Hearing aids are comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. Mum told our father, “It’s just like wearing spectacles for the first time.” Changing your external appearance doesn’t mean you won’t look good anymore. There are many types of hearing aids that are barely visible to others when you wear them. When you are properly fitted with a suitable hearing aid, your quality of hearing and quality of life will return back to what it was before. And that’s what happened to our Dad. And to us too.

Untreated hearing problems can affect your family, friends and colleagues as well as yourself. The stress that this may cause can be avoided if you take time to get some good hearing care advice. Once you are fitted with a suitable hearing aid all the problems you were and weren’t aware of will be resolved. After our Dad had his hearing aid fitted it was back to happy families again. No loud TV, no ‘I heard you twice the first time’ and no more shouting. We began to chat about what a good idea it was to get Dad a hearing aid. Now we can all sit down and watch TV and have dinner together like we used to.

Get a professional hearing care check up. It’s fast and easy. Then assess the quality and suitability of options on offer. There are a lot of good new products on the market and more coming all the time.