Hearing Aids Matter

Hearing what matters is good for you. Getting the most out of life involves focusing on what is important. With so much noise in our everyday lives, ranging from traffic to toxic media, hearing what matters is important. The majority of our daily activities involve motion and moving around. As we move, our surroundings change constantly, so do the sounds we hear, their pitch and their volume too. This means that your hearing can go from perfect to nearly impossible in just a few seconds. Do you remember walking into a busy restaurant and suddenly not being able to hear yourself speak? Signia Xperience, a new hearing aid from Signia, can help you with this.

Group of Women Having Dinner

Hearing What Matters

Moving from the quiet of your own car to a noisy restaurant or bar can make holding a conversation, or even just ordering a drink, extremely difficult. Hearing aids are designed to restore your hearing to a good, functional level. Conventional hearing aids without motion sensors detect a noisy situation with speech and activate directional microphones. This makes speakers who are talking beside you hard to understand and means that you may miss important sounds that matter. Signia Xperience is the world’s first hearing aid equipped with acoustic-motion sensors to understand where you are and what you are doing, so that sounds from all directions can be clearly understood. The Signia Xperience is a revolutionary technology platform, a smart chip and operating system, that drives the sound processing of the hearing aids. This makes wearing a Signia Xperience hearing aid a highly personalised experience. Whether you are in an important business meeting or having a drink with a friend, Signia Xperience will make the sounds that surround you perfect and clear.

Increased Quality

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” It can be frustrating and embarrassing if you keep on having to ask someone to repeat themselves. Is it them or is it you? If you, or your loved one, are losing your hearing then fitting a suitable hearing aid will restore your quality of hearing. Why not make this the best quality with the best currently available hearing aid on the market, Signia Xperience. Wearing a Signia Xperience hearing aid means you no longer have to ask someone to repeat themselves because you couldn’t quite catch what they were saying. Everything sounds natural because you can hear it at the correct volume and can effortlessly recognise which direction each sound is coming from.

If you, or your loved one, are losing your hearing, ask one of our professional audiology consultants at Clarisound about the new Signia Xperience hearing aid.