When you tell someone that you love them make sure they can hear you properly. If your mother or father has just acquired a hearing aid tell them it looks great on them. Do the same for your husband or wife. Remind them of all the problems they had before they got their new hearing aid. As well as the problems that you had too.

Hearing aids from Clarisound look great small and discreet. Reassuring and supporting someone often helps to get them to do something.

There are a variety of styles on offer at Clarisound ranging from “Invisible” in the ear hearing aids and to others that use colours that match your hair or skin. Blending in a hearing aid to the person can help them come to terms with their hearing disability or a change in their personal appearance. A well-chosen hearing aid will enhance your quality of life without affecting your image.

Get your parent or spouse to start a new routine. Make sure one of the first things they do in the morning is put their hearing aids on. Habits form who you are as a person. If your parent or spouse is elderly and forgetful they may just not remember to put their hearing aid on in the morning. Give them a gentle reminder or leave a note!

If your loved one does wear their new hearing aid without prompting, praise them regularly. They may start off wearing their new hearing aid then slowly start to stop wearing it. Keep the momentum going by monitoring them. If they forget one day or simply decide they don’t like it, prompt them gently. Ask them, “Did you forget to put your hearing aid on? It looks so great!”

There are new models of hearing aids becoming available all the time. Technology and styling are constantly evolving. Clarisound offers a full range of hearing aids to suit all needs as well as budgets. Whether it is made for iPhone hearing devices through to rechargeable instruments there is an attractive range of hearing aids that can restore the quality of life of a loved one. Don’t let them suffer in silence.