How many hours a day should I wear my new hearing aid?

Anything new takes time to get used to. It’s the same for wearing hearing aids. Remember when you first started driving or playing a sport? There is a learning curve and a period of time associated with most useful activities. When you are losing your hearing and start wearing a hearing aid every day there is a period of adjustment that you need to get used to wearing, maintaining and benefiting from this. Our professional hearing care consultants at Clarisound can give you good advice that will make it easy and comfortable when you, or your loved one, start to wear a hearing aid or hearing aids.

Wear your hearing aid regularly

Infrequent or occasional use of your new hearing aids in unlikely to result in long-term benefits. Your goal should be to wear your new hearing aid at least eight hours a day, every day. There may be some hindrances to this such as taking a shower or playing certain sports. There may also be certain situations or places, for example very loud noisy environments, where you should be careful of wearing your hearing aid. Whilst some people are able to wear their hearing aids all day, others may try gradually increase wearing time each day. Patience is a virtue and you may come to appreciate this when you start to enjoy the sounds you’re hearing again.

Getting used to your new hearing aid

Hearing aids with the latest technology allows you to adjust them up or down with a physical remote or a remote app. Setting them too loud may lead you to take them off frequently but too soft can cause you to miss important things. At Clarisound our consultants will show you how to adjust the volume on your new hearing aid and how to find and set the right level for natural hearing. Wearing your new hearing aids more often and for more hours trains your hearing aids and this will train your brain to accept them as your new norm more quickly.

Your own voice may sound different or even echo at first and the hearing instruments may sound tinny or loud but, don’t worry, this is normal. Try reading out loud for the first few days to help yourself get started. Research has shown that it takes an average of six months before new hearing aid users fully adjust and perceive the benefits from wearing their new hearing aids.

Drop in to Clarisound for some good professional hearing care advice on how to get used to wearing your new hearing aids as fast and as easily as possible.