Reminiscing those days with my grandfather, memories of the past, I felt so awful and bad for screaming at him loudly when having a normal conversation. I was told by my family members that that’s the only way. He can’t hear you!  I am sure they too wished they had a solution. My grandfather did use a pair of hearing aid but it still did not help. (I always thought and wondered why?)

One day, I saw an elderly man communicating with his friends at the restaurant. I noticed that he was using a hearing aid. Although I was very shy and apprehensive, deep down inside I wanted to know where did he get his hearing aid? how come it works and what was the difference between his hearing aid and my grandfather’s? So I approached him.

He was nice and highly recommended Clarisound Professional Hearing Care. Excitedly I shared this information with my family. When we stepped into Clarisound, we felt the warmth and care from the Clarisound staff.

We were introduced to  Mr. Mccarry. He patiently explained to us the technology and the different type of hearing aid system that are available. One cannot underestimate the importance of hearing technology but hearing aids are only as good as the programming carried out by the hearing care professional or audiologist.

The moment Mr. Mccarry fitted my grandfather with the hearing aid, adjusted the hearing aid and called his name, I could see the smile on my grandfather’s face! That moment was truly heartwarming! There are no words to describe our emotions. Just tears of joy!!.

We were fortunate to have him with us for the next 6 months. Sometimes, I do wonder if only, I found this solution earlier. Whatever it is, I am glad that Clarisound helped make the last few months the best few months of his life!

Clarisound Professional Hearing Care, Thank you for changing our lives!”