Can I manage with just one hearing aid?

Two is better than one, so the saying goes. If you are losing your hearing then do you need just one hearing aid or two? Our professional hearing care consultants at Clarisound can give you good advice. If you have hearing loss in both ears then, with a few exceptions, it is recommended that you wear two hearing aids. You can program each hearing aid separately to match the precise levels of amplification that you need in each ear. It is quite normal to have different levels of hearing loss in each ear. Since sound comes from every direction, wearing one hearing aid will help but it can also pick up sound and stream it wirelessly to the other hearing aid, allowing you to hear significantly better. Here are some reasons why wearing two hearing aids may be your better option.

One hearing aid versus two

Wearing two hearing aids will fully stimulate your brain. Even though your ears aren’t muscles, depriving them of sound can make the auditory nerve pathways and centers in the brain less effective at decoding the sounds around you. Understanding speech, particularly in noisy places gets more difficult even when the sound is loud enough for you to hear it. This is known as auditory deprivation.

Wearing two hearing aids means each ear picks up sound and gets the stimulus it needs to stay at peak performance. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology examined the word recognition abilities of people fitted with one hearing aid versus two. The study concluded that a significantly higher number of people wearing only one hearing aid experienced a decline in their word recognition compared to those who wore two hearing aids.

Further research has shown that wearing two hearing aids makes conversations clearer by making it easier to better understand sound. One study found a pronounced improvement in sound quality and clarity as well as higher speech discrimination test scores for people who wear two hearing aids compared to those who wear only one.

Wearing two hearing aids means that you will perceive a greater volume of sound when both ears are presented with a stimulus at the same time compared to hearing the stimulus in one ear alone. This is associated with an improved ability to discriminate frequencies and improved speech understanding whether you are in a noisy or a quiet environment.

Whether wearing two hearing aids suits you better than wearing just one is your own individual choice. Drop in to Clarisound for some professional hearing care advice then make your own mind up.