Common misconceptions about hearing aids

If you are losing your hearing and are avoiding getting your hearing checked this may be due to one or more common misconceptions you have about wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids are designed to restore your quality of life, in every aspect, by restoring your ability to hear sounds and communicate effectively. Common misconceptions about hearing aids range from lowering your personal image to being expensive. Neither these, nor other misconceptions, are necessarily true if you get good hearing care advice from professional audiology consultants like Clarisound.

Hearing aids Myths and Facts

Myth 1: Hearing aids allow you to hear ‘normally’ again

Fact: Hearing aids do not return your hearing to ‘normal’ because they cannot cure your hearing loss. But hearing aids can help you hear and communicate naturally and restore your quality of life.

Myth 2: You can save money and time by buying hearing aids online or in a store.

Fact: Yes but you won’t know if they are suitable hearing aids for you at the current time. This is why professional hearing care advice from consultants like Clarisound is invaluable. We will test your hearing and give you professional advice about the hearing problems you are experiencing. We can ensure that the hearing aid you get will work well for you. Doing this may have a higher price but a lower cost.

Myth 3: You do not need a hearing aid if you have a mild hearing loss.

Fact: Everyone’s hearing loss and listening needs are different. Some people with mild hearing loss can get by without hearing aids. Other people find that wearing a hearing aid makes a big difference. Our professional audiology consultants at Clarisound can help you figure out what your current needs are.

Myth 4: You do not need to wear two hearing aids.

Fact: You hear with two ears. Wearing ‘binaural’, or two-eared, hearing aids may help you in many ways. This helps your brain to figure out where every sound comes from. This is called ‘localisation’ and is particularly helpful in noisy places by making sounds more natural. Wearing two hearing aids may make it easier to understand what other people are saying to you.

Myth 5: Small hearing aids are the best hearing aids to buy.

Fact: There are an increasingly large variety of hearing aid styles, shapes and sizes, ranging from standard to premium quality. Our professional audiology consultants at Clarisound can help you figure out which hearing aid you need.

Don’t let your misconceptions stop you from getting your hearing checked. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will help you to live a good life to the fullest.