Revolutionary Battery Free Hearing Aid System

No more fuss about changing batteries!

Would you like to charge (full charge)  your hearing aid for 4 hours and be able to use it for 28 hours?

Would you like to charge your hearing aid system for 30 minutes (fast charge) and be able to use it for 7 hours?

Would you like a sleek and elegant hearing aid system?

Would you like to have a battery-free hearing aid system? 

If your answer is YES to the above questions? Call us at 03 2282 1882 today to and ask us about the NEW and latest hearing aid system!!! 

More Plus Points:– 

  • The simplest hearing aid to manage ( auto on/off function and inductive charging)
  • Dehumidifies the hearing aid during the charging cycle.
  •  PLUS it has an elegant and even more discreet housing!! 

Hearing Aids have advanced significantly over the past decade due to the maturing of digital technology. Do keep in touch with us and feel free to pay us a visit and ask us what are the latest technology available today!.