Hearing Aids and Online Learning

We all need to keep learning, all the time. Learning lessons, learning from mistakes, learning to be a better person, learning should be life long. Learning isn’t always fun but if you are losing your hearing then learning can be nearly impossible. During the Covid crisis many people have been forced to switch to learning online. It’s safer and we can follow SOPs without any worries. Try learning a lesson online without good hearing. It’s difficult. It doesn’t need to be if you, or your loved one, wear a hearing aid.

Learning Online

We all know that most of the world is online, most of the time. You are learning online right now. Even before the Covid pandemic, Research and Markets forecast the online education market as $350 Billion by 2025, so these figures are likely to be significantly higher due to the growth impact of COVID-19 on the online learning market. If you have children then the last few months will have involved their schools being closed and lessons being moved to online learning. You may have found increases, or decreases, in their school performance. Epiphanies like this may indicate hearing loss in your child, or children, that you didn’t notice before as they struggle with hearing online classes. Don’t hesitate to find good hearing care solutions from professional hearing care consultants like Clarisound to keep you and your children learning online without interruption.

Online Courses

In an online environment, the challenges for learners with hearing loss are usually even greater. You might not be able to hear what the teacher is saying, or the absence of subtitles, not being able to quickly check with a classmate what was said, or not having electronic notes immediately available. Online courses typically involve the use of video and audio, presentations and online discussion forums. Then there may be group assignments, assessments and teacher feedback. All these require good hearing for ease and optimal learning.

Hearing Aids Online

The best solution for learners who are suffering from hearing loss is to get your hearing checked by a professional audiologist. At Clarisound we offer a quick online hearing assessment and then, if needed, a free hearing check at one of Clarisound’s outlets. Our professional audiology consultants advise you against buying your own hearing aid online, whatever the cost savings you think you will be making. After your free hearing assessment at Clarisound we will help you with choosing and fitting a suitable hearing aid that will restore your hearing and improve your quality of life. Don’t stop there. There are even online courses where you can learn about the fundamentals of sound, hearing and hearing loss.