Changing batteries is one of the biggest complaints of hearing aid users. Hearing aids are evolving in all aspects, all the time. Most of us plug our mobile phones into charge at night before we go to sleep. Nowadays it’s the same for your hearing aids but with evolving technology there are newer, even more convenient hearing care solutions available.

When hearing aids were first used they were powered by batteries. Not every battery matched any given hearing aid. Size was important. Hearing aids must be used daily and most batteries lasted an average of between one to three weeks. This caused inconvenience entailing maintenance time and costs.

Image result for signia rechargeable hearing aidsHearing aids then evolved through the accumulator. This supplies energy through an integrated rechargeable battery system so batteries don’t have to be replaced continuously. The most common types of rechargeable hearing aid batteries are nickel Cadmium and lithium-ion. Nickel Cadmium batteries usually last around one year whilst lithium-ion last for a number of years.


Battery Free Hearing Aids

At Clarisound we are often asked to fit the new Signia Pure Charge & Go NX for our customers. It’s a revolutionary hearing aid launched in 2018. Not only does it remove the need for hearing aid battery handling, it also allows the direct streaming of sound from your mobile phones and your TV without the need for any other devices. Wonderfully clear TV listening and phone calls will help you restore your enjoyment of life after hearing loss. The Signia NX technology provides clear, high quality, sound even in noisy places and delivers a natural hearing experience.

The Future of Hearing Care Solutions





Here are some future trends to look out for when you are deciding on the right hearing aid for you:

  • More rechargeable options for hearing aids.
  • Shape and style of hearing aids. Signia led the way with their new Styletto model adding style to the look of your hearing aid. You may see future hearing aid designs that look like wireless earbuds
  • More companies developing multifunctional communication devices.

In your follow up appointments with one of our Clarisound hearing care professionals don’t forget to ask about the latest developments. We will keep you informed so you can find the best hearing care solutions that will transform your quality of life.