Any crisis requires leadership. Getting safely through turbulent times together relies on good decision-making, quick responses and effective actions. If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing during the Covid-19 crisis then the risks that you face may be much higher than you realize. During the Covid-19 crisis no one really knows what will happen, but our professional hearing care consultants at Clarisound know what will happen if you don’t care for your hearing loss. You can now take an online hearing test to check whether you need to visit us at Clarisound. We follow SOPs at all our outlets. Now you only need one visit to Clarisound to fit your new hearing aid as we also now offer virtual follow up consultations.

Hearing Loss Means Higher Risk From COVID-19

Unless people practice social distancing, COVID-19 will be the biggest epidemic in the world. This will be even more risky if you are losing your hearing. There are several reasons people with undiagnosed or untreated hearing loss are at a higher risk from COVID-19;

  • Communication issues in healthcare settings and often lower levels of health literacy can increase the risk of medication and treatment errors
  • Loneliness, anxiety and depression due to social isolation weaken our immune system, which can increase the risk of catching COVID-19
  • People with pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes are more at risk from fatality due to COVID-19 and these diseases are more prevalent in people with hearing loss
  • People with  hearing loss may have less income and they are more at risk of financial harm during the pandemic

Hearing At The Hospital

If you do have to go to the hospital, for whatever reason, hearing loss can increase the risk of poor treatment for you or your loved ones. Just like many other institutions, hospitals are prone to medication and treatment errors. This may be even more likely during a busy pandemic. Be prepared to communicate efficiently in the hospital. Healthcare providers will be wearing masks so to make communication less challenging;

If you, or your loved ones, think you may be losing your hearing, don’t hesitate to get a free hearing check at Clarisound. During the Covid-19 crisis we all need sound advice for good hearing. Let Clarisound lead you through the Covid-19 crisis with expert hearing care advice.