Stay Engaged With Hearing Aids

During new normal times, when our movement and mobility is limited, it’s essential to keep moving to stay positive and healthy. If you are working from home, or don’t have much work to do, then you may find yourself spending too much time in one place. If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then you may start on a downward slope, physically and mentally. Staying home alone can accelerate negative patterns of behaviour, and thinking, but correcting hearing loss can help you, and your loved ones, to stay engaged.

Hearing And Social Interaction

When a person doesn’t have meaningful social interactions, it increases the risks of depression and other health risks. This can negatively affect your eating habits and sleeping patterns, it may also increase the risk of drinking too much alcohol, excessive smoking or other forms of addiction. Staying home or sitting down for too long every day can trigger weight gain, loss of muscle tone, and a loss of balance that can increase the risk of falls. Add hearing loss to this and these risks may increase substantially. Some research studies also indicate that untreated hearing loss may lead to higher risks of developing cognitive problems later in life, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Positive Strategies

If it’s difficult for you, or your loved ones, to leave your home for any length of time then there are plenty of positive strategies to help get you through the days ahead. Exercise and laughter are two great solutions whether you are home alone or not. The benefits of regular, gentle exercise are well-known so why don’t you start to build a home-gym or use your balcony, or spare room, in a different way. Having a laugh is essential so why don’t you check out some comedies on Netflix or share some jokes on your family whatsapp group. You’ll need good hearing to have a good laugh and exercise will help too.

Hearing Solutions

There are no easy solutions for restoring our freedom of movement and mobility with strict movement control. One good use of your time is to get your hearing checked by a good, professional audiologist. It doesn’t take long and you can do a free hearing check online first. If you, or your loved ones, have avoided getting your hearing checked and have started to feel frustrated about life with hearing loss then now is a good time to learn about the positive benefits of wearing a hearing aid. Getting treatment for hearing loss will improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being and make your time with limited mobility more positive.

Clarisound outlets are currently open so please don’t hesitate to call for an appointment with one of our friendly, professional audiologists. We’ll help you, and your loved ones, to restore your hearing so you can get back to positive, healthy social interactions and get the most out of life even with limited mobility.