Most people want to look good. Being concerned about your personal appearance is important. Whether it is the clothes you wear, a good haircut, or even a smart pair of shoes, looking good is good for your self-esteem. It’s the same thing when you wear hearing aids.


Losing your hearing may make you feel less able but wearing a hearing aid doesn’t need to make you look any less attractive. After your free hearing check up and hearing assessment at Clarisound you will be offered a range of hearing aids to choose from. We have a wide range of hearing aids; different styles, different colours and different prices.

Take a look at a Styletto hearing aid. Styletto hearing aids combine stylish design and high-tech performance. With portable Lithium-ion rechargeability they will give you crystal clear sound quality. If you are working long hours, or travel a lot, good battery life is important. All Styletto hearing aids are equipped with a powerful battery that will give you a full day of use. Styletto features a pin-shaped battery. This size and shape allows a


slimmer design that will make your hearing aid look sleek as well as stylish. Not only that these modern hearing aids are “made for IPhone” so you can stream calls and audio directly to your hearing aids. Not an Iphone user – don’t worry there options for Android also.

One feature included in Styletto hearing aids is a first of its kind – Own Voice Processing Technology (OVPTM). When you start using a hearing aid for the first time you may need time to adjust to the new way you hear your own voice. This can be challenging for some people. You may not like the way you sound through your new hearing aid. Styletto helps you with this by incorporating OVP technology to give you the most natural sound of your own voice possible. You’ll quickly get used to listening to the sound of your own voice and it gives you a better understanding of others. Styletto hearing aids are equipped with some of the best speech processing technology currently available. This allows you to cut through outside noise to better understand your conversations with others.

You may not necessarily be looking for a higher priced hearing aid. But think of the value before deciding on the right hearing aid for you. Styletto hearing aids are top of the range. They come with a multitude of benefits, not just their stylish appearance; easy to manage, easy to maintain, long lasting power and first rate technology. Combined with our vast experience and Person Centred Care we can ensure a great experience for our clients.



Make yourself look good and hear better with Styletto hearing aids. Restore your functionality in style with Styletto.