I am writing to thank you both for evaluating and advising my daughter (Vidya Menon) on her hearing aids. The initial impressions about the hearing aids is good in that she finds the aids comfortable to wear and they give her slightly greater awareness of sounds than before. I hope these benefits will persist and the wearing of two hearing aids (which she has never done before) will give her some degree of additional sound discrimination. I had the opportunity to read the laminated newspaper article (kept in the reception area) about the challenges you had faced in your life, Mr Kieran. I am impressed by your story and I had the feeling (while reading it) that it was more than mere coincidence that we have come to be clients of Clarisound. My daughter has also had to overcome a number of difficult challenges in life in order for her to qualify and work as a teacher for the deaf. Your story will inspire her in her work, I am sure.