Making your life sound good

Leading a good life is as good as it sounds. If you are suffering from hearing loss then there are new hearing aid technologies that will restore your quality of life. By the time you reach 50 years old you will have accumulated personal and professional experiences. You should be able to look back on them with pleasure. In the earlier part of your life your hearing was probably fine. If this is now changing don’t let it go on.

Revolutionary hearing care

Suffering hearing loss when you are 50, or older, affects your quality of life, and those around you too. Getting a hearing aid may not sound appealing to you or your loved one. Most people with mild hearing loss begin to wonder, “What will I look like to other people if I start wearing a hearing aid?” New hearing aid designs and new hearing aid technologies can help you look good, feel good and sound good.

Game changer

One of the latest hearing aids on offer is Styletto Connect by Signia. This new model with it’s radical design is also made for Iphone and Bluetooth capable with both Iphone and android. It will make your life sound good again. Imagine you can wear a hearing aid that;

  • makes you look stylish
  • has fully featured connectivity for phone calls, TV, and music
  • you can charge-on-the-go for up to four days’ use free from plugs or cables

Sound good? Styletto Connect delivers these results.



Style and substance

Styletto Connect is available in three contemporary colour combinations; Black / Silver, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, and Snow White / Rose Gold. It’s also small in size and sleek in design.

Music to your ears

Fully featured connectivity provides you with direct streaming of phone calls and music from iPhone plus audio streaming from all other Bluetooth smartphones and TV via StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV.

Easy to charge

Thanks to its charger, Styletto Connect delivers up to four days of user autonomy, free from plugs or cables. You won’t have to keep plugging in your hearing aid whilst you are travelling. The charger is  pocket-sized and portable.

You can control your Styletto Connect by The myControl App. It is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store® or Google Play™.

If you have been suffering from hearing problems recently, drop in to Clarisound for free, quick hearing check. Our professional consultants will match your hearing loss with a good hearing care solution. Make your life sound good again.