As the lunar new year is just around the corner,  everyone is making plans to go home. The family hometown is exceptionally lively and cheery as everyone returns for the reunion dinner.  This has been a  tradition that has been around for hundreds of generations.  Of all the event taking place over Chinese new year, the reunion dinner is the most important.

While we count the days for the lunar new year and imagine feasting on the scrumptious traditional delicacies, for those suffering from hearing loss, this is a time of social challenge.

All alone during Chinese New Year!

All alone during Chinese New Year!


As studies have proven that untreated hearing loss has serious effects on the quality of life.  Untreated hearing loss leads to isolation, depression, dementia and the list goes on.

Hearing loss is a common problem in adults especially for those who are above 60 years old. In fact, 1 in 5 Malaysians suffers from hearing loss. In many cases, those with untreated hearing loss will avoid interacting with family members.

Studies indicate managing the loss reduces the risk of dementia, depression, anxiety as well as social isolation.

While hearing well, improves our everyday lives, yet most of us take it for granted. Make the effort this year to treat your hearing loss or help your loved one to overcome the stigma of using hearing aids.

Thanks to the tremendous advancement in the hearing aid technology, modern hearing aids are stylish, small and discreet. The modern hearing aid combines elegance with sophistication. Their features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day. Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance.

Its’ tiny housing is packed with full of advanced functionality and thanks to the e-charger, there are no batteries to replace! Ask us about the latest hearing aid system. We would be more than happy to assist you.

So make the effort this year and keep the tradition going by connecting with your family this Lunar New Year!.

Lastly, we would like to wish you and your family Gong Xi Fa Cai!.



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