Life is a journey. It is better travelled with good hearing. On your journey you may find your body and mind becoming less and less able due to natural ageing, declining health or some unfortunate incident. All of these problems have solutions. If you are losing your hearing there are many solutions available for you.

After you have had your hearing checked and assessed you can choose from a range of solutions. This will get you started on your journey to better hearing and a better quality of life. Once you are fitted with a hearing aid, or hearing aids, at Clarisound, rehabilitation is the next step. How long rehabilitation takes depends on your individual circumstances, the severity and nature of the hearing loss. The worse the loss, the longer the rehabilitation may take.

Learning to use hearing aids

Your hearing rehabilitation may involve hearing aids. Learning to use hearing aids or any new technology requires care and maintenance. Simple do’s and don’ts apply to your new hearing aid too.


  1. Clean your hearing aid after use. Spend a few minutes each day to wipe your hearing aid with a soft cloth. Stop grease and dust from building up. Buy an inexpensive cleaning kit.
  2. Store your hearing aid in a special container. Use a brightly colored container so you don’t lose it. Don’t put it in your pocket.
  3. Invest in a dehumidifier. They are not expensive and will help keep the electrical components dry.


  1. Wear your hearing aid in the shower or when you go swimming (unless your device is certified waterproof).
  2. Spray anything near your hearing aid.
  3. Take your hearing aid in to your shower room and allow condensation to affect it.

Remember to clean your ears regularly, at least once a month, to stop wax building up.

Hearing Rehabilitation Goals

When you first start using hearing aids even the sound of your own voice sounds different from before. Rehabilitation can be helped by reading a newspaper or a magazine out loud in order to get used to the sound of your own voice again. If you can, try to keep a journal, or at least a mental note, of how your rehabilitation is progressing.

Start off by setting yourself hearing goals. Then share these goals with your family and your Hearing Care Provider. It’s our job at Clarisound to listen to you. Setting goals helps to get you motivated. Your hearing goals can be daily routine ones, or more personal. Every day you may need to

  • Talk on the telephone with your loved ones
  • Listening to music for relaxation or enjoyment
  • Order a shopping delivery or a meal

Achieving your hearing goals will build your confidence. Reach your hearing goals with Clarisound.